What is a virtual office?

Virtual offices have quickly spilled into the mainstream for good reason. A virtual office serves as a place for individuals to work when they do not desire a traditional office space. Virtual offices are also ideal for professionals who are on the road and require the technological features of a conventional business environment.


Virtual offices provide professionals with much more than merely a space to work. These quiet and secluded work spaces provide an array of clerical amenities like network copy machines, printers, fax machines, scanners etc. Virtual offices also provide professionals with postal services, access to full service staff members, meeting spaces and even a physical address. A physical address is important as it allows the individual who works in the virtual office to put a legitimate address on his letterhead and correspondence. Furthermore, he can receive deliveries at his virtual office thanks to this physical address.

Many virtual offices also provide assistance in the form of a receptionist who fields phone calls from clients, customers, other businesses and beyond. This “front desk” person also greets those who show up in-person to meet with you and/or your employees. The presence of a staff member who routes phone calls does not mean the virtual office lacks a direct phone line. In fact, virtual offices are equipped with a dedicated phone number along with a dedicated voicemail in-box and call forwarding. A virtual office’s voicemail box can be accessed any day of the year at any hour, even on weekends and holidays.


Each of the virtual office features and functions described above is critically important to establishing legitimacy and achieving success as a professional. Ask any professional who has made use of a virtual office and he will testify that it has given him credibility when meeting with prospective clients as well as business partners, job candidates and other parties. Furthermore, virtual offices provide more than just a small space with a few amenities and a receptionist. Tap into the power of a virtual office and you will obtain access to a board room and conference room. Such spaces empower businessmen to hold sizable meetings with other professionals, employees and anyone else relevant to the business. This considerable amount of space is exactly what is necessary for in-depth meetings attended by more than a couple people. Leading a group of professionals to a conference room for a lengthy meeting is much more professional and efficient than expecting such a group fit into a comparably small office room to exchange ideas, review strategies and develop business plans.


Part of the appeal of a virtual office is that it is not a “one size fits all” setup. These professional work spaces are available with an array of different features, some of which can be added a la carte. Examples of additional virtual office features include administrative support services, call screening, parking lot directory services, access to a notary, catering and even meeting setup services. Take a look at all of the available virtual office packages before settling on one. You will undoubtedly find a virtual office that serves your idiosyncratic needs and desires.