InsureYouGateway Executive Suites has some pretty amazing clients here in our building! We would like to introduce to you Brigitte Allen owner of InsureYou, Inc!
InsureYou is a full-service insurance brokerage. Her company’s mission… “to fully educate buyers on what they are buying when purchasing insurance. I won’t sell someone more or less than what they need.”

My career in the insurance industry started from a horrific auto accident. That accident changed the trajectory of my life and for the better! The other driver had an agent with American Family. She befriended me and encouraged me to study and get my insurance license, so I did. That was when it all changed. I realized that I was actually pretty good at selling and not because money was the driving factor but because I enjoyed helping others. I took my time explaining to clients why they need the coverage they do and before I knew it, I had grown my book of business to over 3000 households.

My agency handles the following:

Auto, Home, Commercial (like for your suite here) and Health Insurance (for the self-employed) I have been in insurance now for 22 years and my phone number has never changed. I have seen the good, the bad, the worst and then some OMG, what happened scenarios. I still have some of my original clients too. One of those original ones left me for a lower rate with a pretty good competitor. It wasn’t 3 months before he came into my office and told me that the service he was getting was horrible and that he wanted to come back. We signed him back up on the spot and he swore that as long as I was an agent, that I would always have his business.

And that is why I love doing what I do! So while the craziness of this world gets faster and faster, stop by and lets chat. If I can help save you money, I will. And if I can’t, the n I will tell you I can’t.

Suite 102…door is open!