In Touch Coaching

Dana HoukWhat is In Touch Coaching?

In Touch Coaching involves relationship coaching for couples and individuals—married or not. The relationship coach will identify current issues in the relationship and provide solutions to help clients move forward. Specifically, some couples or individuals will learn how to communicate more effectively, reconnect with their partner and resolve conflicts while others may learn how to forgive, rebuild trust, and reignite passion and intimacy in their relationship.

Who is In Touch Coaching for?

In Touch Coaching is for couples or individuals who are emotionally and psychologically healthy, who are committed to their partner, and committed to the coaching process. In Touch Coaching is also for couples or individuals who have been married for a while, want premarital counseling, have blended families, have unresolved arguments and conflicts, have different parenting styles, lack intimacy or passion, have experienced infidelity, are going through divorce, or for single individuals who want to date and break old patterns/habits. Note: Relationship coaching is not a substitute for any mental health service.

What does In Touch Coaching Offer?

In Touch Coaching offers sessions in three different packages: 3 sessions, 4 sessions or 6 sessions, which may be done in-person or by tele coaching (phone) sessions. Each package includes a one-hour session with a bonus 30-minute session added to the first session, a comprehensive analysis to identify and focus on the main obstacles in the relationship, a customized plan including tools and techniques, package materials and worksheets, and personalized recaps with goals and assignments after each session. Sessions thereafter, will discuss any current issues or conflicts, goals and assignments from the previous session and a plan on how to move forward with additional tools and techniques.

Why In Touch Coaching Chose Gateway Executives Suites?

In Touch Coaching chose Gateway Executive Suites in 2016 because of its location, beautiful offices and all of the amenities needed to become a successful business owner. As a relationship coach, it was important to find a private, affordable and beautiful office that was safe and inviting to my clients. Gateway Executive Suites also offers many other features that I appreciate too such as internet, an answering service, copy room, mailbox, company signage, kitchen, complimentary coffee and a cleaning staff. Last but not least, this newly remodeled office also has a friendly and professional staff who greet my clients and offer them a seat in the lobby to make them feel at home.

How do I contact In Touch Coaching?

Please call In Touch Coaching at 623-329-5666 or email Dana Houk at For more information about In Touch Coaching you can view the website at