From time to time, we like to share the accomplishments of some of our amazing tenants at Gateway Executive Suites. Meet BASC Enterprise, a full-service accounting firm in Mesa, AZ.

The Basics About BASC Expertise

BASC Expertise was founded by Deirdre Morhet to help Arizona businesses grow and expand with reliable financial and bookkeeping services. Deirdre has over 20 years of business experience, and her sharp eye for detail gives her an edge when it comes to spotting inefficiencies and waste in your business plan. She and her team of incredible businesswomen are committed to taking your business to the next level with a full slate of financial services, including the following:

  • Payroll
  • Tax services
  • Estate Planning
  • Finance Planning
  • Quickbooks Setup and Maintenance
  • Entity Formation
  • Business Consulting
  • Tax Planning

BASC's Business Philosophy

Though BASC Expertise works with business of all shapes and sizes, they are especially helpful for new entrepreneurs and smaller businesses that need assistance staying focused and committed to a smart growth strategy. Their services are carefully tailored to your individual needs in this process. As Deirdre explains, "We offer the support, wisdom and guidance that small business owners need to move to the next level of success in running their companies. At BASC Expertise, there are no cookie-cutter services; we offer tax and accounting expertise that work for you."

When you work with BASC, you can expect their experienced professionals to carefully study your business and walk you through the process of creating your business plan. They keep in close touch with you to make sure your paperwork is complete and your day-to-day accounting needs are met. They are true partners on your journey to business success.

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The Gateway Difference

Because Deirdre is such a keen cutter of business waste, it's no surprise that she chose to have BASC Expertise work out of Gateway Executive Suites. Our flexible packages make immediate move-in a snap, and we offer everything a business need to get up to speed right away, including an on-site office manager, high-speed wired and wireless internet and a high-speed networked color copier/scanner/printer/fax machine. As any great businesswoman knows, your profits increase when you don't have to make permanent investments in your offices and equipment on your own.

BASC Expertise leverages our professional office space, amenities and convenient location to keep their business growing, and that in turn help you get the services you need to thrive in the Arizona economy. It's a partnership that we're proud of, and we hope you stop by to work with BASC Expertise and our other incredible business partners in Mesa soon.