Welcome Arthoria Games!

Gateway Executive Suites is happy to introduce one of our clients with a fun and unique niche, Athoria Games.

When we are children we play naturally, it’s like you are born knowing how to do it! As we age, we continue taking on responsibilities and new pressures for our time and attention. By the time we’ve grown, we may find ourselves being put in a position to give up play in pursuit of activities more befitting an adult.

At Athoria Games we believe that a life well lived is one experienced through the lens of play, and we intend to never give it up! We sell board games, miniature games, collectable card games and tabletop role-playing games to people of all ages! Whether you are young or old, new to the world of games or an experienced veteran, we have something in store for you.

Founded in 2017 in East Mesa, Athoria Games delights in introducing you to your next gaming obsession. Maybe you want to start a board game night with family or friends, maybe you saw Dungeons & Dragons on the big screen, and you want to learn what the fuss is all about. Maybe you want to re-experience the wonder of Star Wars alongside your children or engage with the world of Pokemon from a whole new angle. Maybe you just want to turn off your phone and get away from screens for a while and imagine. Maybe you want to work with your hands, building something fun, or engage your mind, untangling a challenging puzzle. Whatever speaks to you, Athoria Games is here for you!

Our two well stocked locations in Tempe and Mesa carry a wide variety of gaming books, miniatures, collectable card games, and board games to bring your inner world out into the real world! We carry all-time classics like Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon Trading Card Game, and Warhammer. We also carry newer games like Wingspan, Star Wars Shatterpoint, and Pathfinder. Our inclusive retail spaces offer knowledgeable staff, huge, comfortable play spaces, and weekly events where you can connect with people passionate about the same fantasy worlds you are!

In 2022 we opened a small office at Gateway Executive Suites as a home for our marketing team and as a place where we can hold management meetings, staff trainings, and interviews.

We love being part of the East Valley community and we believe in the power of healthy play and imagination. Come down to Athoria Games Mesa or Tempe and find out what we’re all about!

Learn more at https://athoriagames.com

Happy Gaming,

Suzanne Hug (she/her)
Owner, Athoria Games