A Cool Spot for Lunch

The morning hours toil away as business deals are been made, emails and phone calls returned, and strategic plans made to spurn forward progress. It is now the most precious time of the work day, the time where you remember not the trials of the morning and think nothing toward the fires that must be put out by day’s end. A time where alliances are forged, bonds are sealed, and relationships blossom… Lunch time.

In honor of “LUNCH”, cue dramatic music…

Gateway Executive Suites, understands the importance of daily replenishing meal, as well as the need for supplemental drinks and snacks to help us remain fueled and at operational best. We know this is also a time where friends meet and the day’s worries can be forgotten… if not for but a few brief minutes.

We at Gateway Executive Suites present to you, The Gateway Café. Enjoy a clean, peaceful environment with access to the refrigerator, microwave, supply of plastic cutlery and dishes. Entertaining conversations happen when you have the ability to sit back and watch a little television while enjoying lunch brought from home. If you are in need of a more structured lunch affair, we can even set you up with one of our conference rooms, glass dishware, and catered food.

nd because we love our clients, not to mention the refreshing feeling of a cool drink in these Arizona summers, we have installed a new ice machine. We know the feeling of being hot, dreaming of nothing but the refreshing coolness of whatever drink in your possession only to find out there is no ice. The frustration of wanting to cool down your hot beverage and finding no reprieve.

Breakfast, brunch, lunch and afternoon snacks may not be provided for you, but we provided a reasonable amount of ice and a really nice place for you to enjoy it! Come by and see how we help our clients, even when it comes to deciding what to do for lunch.